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STEM - Biomedical Academy

Biomedical STEM Academy


The Biomedical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy at Sayreville War Memorial High School is a demanding four-year college preparation program that offers highly motivated students who are ready to pursue STEM and related careers a focused curriculum in this area.  Students follow a rigorous course sequence that satisfies all district graduation requirements with an emphasis on STEM and Advanced Placement courses, providing them with experiences, skills and values in line with the 21st century workplace. 


Students must apply for entry into either STEM Academy through the following google form:


Course of study in the academies is as follows:


Grade 9

Biology Honors; Geometry or Algebra II Honors

Grade 10

Chemistry Honors; AP Biology; Algebra II Honors or PreCalculus Honors

Grade 11

Physics Honors; AP Chemistry, PreCalc Honors, Calc Honors or AP Calculus

Grade 12

Anatomy & Physiology Honors; AP Science or Math; AP Calc or AP Calc BC; Senior Seminar (Science Leadership, Research in Science, Externship)